Fun and Ink

Fun and Ink, creative writing course for kids

I am so excited to be launching my first online course! Fun and Ink is a creative writing and storytelling course for children and young people who are new to storytelling and are eager to learn how to harness their natural creativity into something entertaining that others may want to read.

In this course, students will learn the basic building blocks of creating stories. We will cover:

  • the fundamentals of constructing a story;
  • bringing that to life with an immersive world and believable characters;
  • driving the plot through action, dialogue and description;
  • creating conflict, and resolving it.
  • We will also look at editing and revising your own writing.

My aim is for this course to be fun and educational. It’s a perfect compliment to a home education curriculum, or for anyone interested in developing their writing skills. The basic principles of everything students will learn in this course can be applied to all forms of creative writing; including short stories, novels, writing for screen or stage, and even poetry. Stories come in many varied forms, across many mediums and my aim is to equip young people with the principles they need to express themselves creatively through engaging storytelling.

There are a limited number of places available in the first enrollment of Fun and Ink, which I will be offering at a special discounted rate. Click here to enrol today!

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Not ready for the full course yet? If you want to get a taster of the course content for free, then sign up for my Tribe over >>> here! When you register, you’ll get free creative writing exercises to work through with your child. I look forward to seeing you over there.