About Me

Hi folks. My name is Holly, I’m married with two younglings, “Munchkin” and “Bean”. I’m a writer and blogger and this is my light and bright corner of the internet.


I’m a normal birth advocate, peer supporter and campaigner for change. After the traumatic arrival of Munchkin I knew I had to do something to try and prevent what happened to me and my family from happening to others. So I began this blog to share information about birth. I also took up campaigning and supporting other mothers who had had traumatic births.

But life moves on and this blog became about so much more. Hubby and I practice natural/attachment/unconditional parenting, and home educate our kids. We love to travel, all things Disney, and are epic geeks! The kids are a wee bit obsessed with Minecraft (yeah, that’s a huge understatement) and I have a significant “thing” for stationery.


What you will find here

I blog about life, the universe, and… well, everything (I DID warn you about the geek thing). If you’re looking for information on pregnancy, birth, birth trauma or birth activism, chances are you will find it here.

But my passion now is empowering and inspiring other women, because let’s face it, women ROCK! Home education and raising youngsters in line with attachment values is really where I am at these days, so you’ll find post on topics related to this area of life most.

I am super into getting organised and living intentionally and I want to help you do the same. I hope you will take away some creative tips on bringing focus and energy into your days.

You can follow me on social media too, and I try to reply to everyone, so please say hi.


Twitter @SMamaBlog



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