Basic Biology

This article originally appeared on the site and has since been reproduced in the AIMS journal. I thought I’d get my new blog off to a flying start and include a copy here. Enjoy.

I’m not a science person. I was never that interested in it at school, I don’t think like a scientist, or at least, I don’t think I do. I was always much more interested in the arts and I still am. But I like science, I think science is important and I’ve picked up a few scientific facts throughout my life that have enhanced my understanding of the world.

Birth both is and isn’t a topic for science. It is a normal biological function and can in some ways be studied, categorised and understood in basic scientific terms. But it is also unpredictable and a deeply emotional time for women and their families and so we cannot view it in a cold, sterile, scientific vacuum.

Here are a couple of very basic scientific facts that I think are important in understanding a little bit about human procreation. Continue reading