Three Little Words…

…and they are too small. Sometimes when I look at the Bean or the Munchkin I get so overwhelmed with emotion that I just burst into tears. “I love you” is too easy, the words are too small. There should be these huge, complicated words that truly convey the gravity of the emotions. I could look to other languages I suppose, “Watashi wa anata o aishite” sounds as complex as the feelings. Good old Japanese, a great language for making ours look abrupt. Or maybe the Romance languages do have it right, “Te amo” in Spanish and “Je t’aime” in French, short and to the point. In a way the emotion is simple. It’s raw, it’s fundamental and we can’t live a fulfilled life without it.

The love we feel for our children is so different from any feelings we might have for anyone else. It is completely unconditional and without question. Even when they drive us crazy love is still there. It’s there in the middle of the night when they just won’t sleep. It’s there in the park in the bright sunshine or trapped indoors when it’s pouring with rain (or snow!). It’s there when they’re sleeping in your lap and when they’re stamping their feet refusing to get dressed or eat or go to bed. It’s particularly strong when they are hurt or upset or unwell. And every time they tell you they love you? Pure magic.

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