A time for giving? Or is it time to be honest…

I wanted to share this post by my friend, Dorrie. This time of year can be incredibly hard for some, so please be aware. Thanks, folks 🙂

How are you really?

Christmas can be a difficult time for those with Mental Health problems, sometimes it’s an easily definable, tangible reason but most of the time it isn’t.  Some of you may find it difficult because you are alone or don’t have many people to support you. Some of you, like me, are lucky enough to be surrounded by a loving, caring family but still find it to be an emotionally challenging time of year.

If you are someone who finds Christmas hard to cope with, you’ll be familiar with some of the well known (albeit unwittingly) insensitive remarks that sometimes crop up around this time. Here are a few that you may have encountered;

  1. Stop being a scrooge
  2. Christmas is a time to be happy!
  3. Are you going to be this negative about Christmas when you have children?
  4. Why don’t you like Christmas?
  5. You should be grateful for what you have

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